Monday, 10 October 2011

Cheeky Little Chestnuts

A little Autumn tip...

This little delight is free. Yes, FREE!

So, chestnutting season has arrived. So all you crazy nutters (see what I did there?) anyway.. all you crazy nutters out there go into your local woods and get chestnutting.

To find chestnuts you go to a chestnut tree.. what's that?.. you don't know what a chestnut tree looks like?

This is what one looks like! :)

What was I saying? Oh yes! ... You go over to this tree and look for these on the ground...

Beware of the spikes!

And with the heel of your shoe you stomp on them (not too hard) but hard enough to break the shell and collect the little nuts. 

Take them home, stab each one lightly with a fork to make a tiny hole in the centre of the nut (but not all the way through) then boil them for around 10 - 12 minutes.

There ready to eat! To eat them you simply peel away the shell and bobs your uncle.

I like to serve with honey so you can dip the little nutters in to give it added sweetness.

Happy Chestnutting my fellow nutters :)

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